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Conferences & Lectures

(2009) Camilli, Luis. Underwater Ecosystem Assessment Along the Eastern Pacific Marine Biological Corridor. 23rd Annual Meeting of the Society for Conservation Biology & 2009 INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS FOR CONSERVATION BIOLOGY , 11-16 July 2009; Beijing China. http://scb2009.ioz.ac.cn

(2008) Gallager, S. M, S. Lerner, A. D. York, E. Miller, and A. Girard. 2008. Design, installation, and operation of the PLUTO Observatory, Isla de Canales de Tierra, Panama. Oceans 2008, 1-9.

(2008) Camilli, Luis. Synoptic Analysis of Coral Habitats and Coastal Ocean Chemistry to inform Reef Conservation in Pacific Panamá. From the Watershed to the Global Ocean. 2008 Ocean Sciences Meeting, March 2-7, Orlando, Florida.

(2007) Fox, S.E. and I. Valiela. Changes in mangrove forests: worldwide losses, and potential alterations from tropical deforestation. Estuarine Research Federation, Providence, Rhode Island, November 4-8.

(2007) Carman MR, Stephen J. Molyneaux, Rubao Ji, Stefan M. Sievert (2007) Ascidians of the southern Gulf of Chiriqui, Pacific-Panama: A native fauna at risk to bioinvasion. Fifth International Conference on Marine Bioinvasions.

(2007) Camilli, Luis. Smithsonian Earl Tupper Auditorium – Evaluacion Ecologica Opto-Quimica de Habitats del Arrecife Pacifico Panameno.

(2005) Fox, S.E. and I. Valiela. Mangrove estuary food webs: An isotopic study on the Pacific coast of Panama. Boston University Marine Program Departmental Seminar Series, Woods Hole, Massachusetts, December 16.