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Research Application

Scientists, University Faculty, Graduate Students, Post Docs, and Individual Research Fellows seeking to conduct research or field studies at the Liquid Jungle Laboratory (LJL) are required to submit a Research Proposal and Application that describes funding sources, timeline, project rational, and methods. This information is used to evaluate the project research merits and proposed activities as well as determine laboratory space, equipment, lodging, and necessary permits from the Republic of Panama.

Long term research in residence can be arranged with the LJL when required. Field courses for graduate or undergraduate students may be requested on a case by case basis. Submission of this application does not imply that the project is approved. Applications are reviewed on a quarterly basis throughout the year and must be received at least THREE months before proposed research is intended to begin.

Application Deadlines: Midnight GMT: January 16, April 16, July 16, October 16. A scientific peer review board reviews project proposals and the applicant will be notified via email if the project is approved. Pending Application and Research Proposal approval, it is the responsibility of each researcher to obtain all required Permits for collection, observation, marking, import or export of samples and specimens in Panama.

Application Process

Download our application form here

  • Complete and sign the application form
  • Include photos as requested on the application or submit images using the form
  • Include a Letter of Reference as requested on the application

We will acknowledge receipt of all applications within 3 weeks of receipt.

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